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hyper-search (2019)
Jari Kallio

Malin Arnell & Mario Fjell – Forest formations #2 (2019)
31st of May – 2nd of June

We take the invitation from Essi Vesala as an opportunity to spend timespace with a specific area of Nackareservatet.

We will place ourselves, together with the dog Loi, in the forest during three days. The Hyper-terrestrial exhibition and gathering will happen on our second day in the area.

Since it is a nature reserve we are not allowed to stay overnight. A sundial will decide our departures and our sleeping habits will decide our arrivals.

Most of the time we will non-verbally mingle with the surrounding materials and sounds. Occasionally, we will carry out various tasks, as survival strategies, which are required for our basic everyday needs.

We will inhabit an area of about 500 square meters, around a fallen old pinetree, marked on the map. You are invited to join us in whatever is happening at the moment.

Degradia (2018)
Anni Puolakka & Miša Skalskis

Degradia is a sound work by Anni Puolakka and Miša Skalskis. It is inspired by some old Finnish poems in which vulva becomes a powerful character of its own right. Parts of Degradia are translated and altered lines from these poems, for example, where vulva is likened with a biting dog's jaws and a running wolf's gums. You can also hear the sound of digital mosquitos, singing alongside the swampy vulva.

About the exhibition


Hyper-terrestrial is an inquiry into the materialities of the land and the porosity of our being.

The forest can be seen as a place for extraction, exploitation and resources, as means to reach our techno-utopias. At the same time, it can be thought as a place of emancipation, of coexisting without borders between our bodies.

We’re indulged in science fiction, not realizing, it’s already real. What is fiction, is life, what is virtual, might as well be here. As the snail leaves slimy trails, we can see from where we came from, but we often forget.

The vibration of the mud, the forest and the wetland surround us. Movements and materials, all become together as we go deeper in the woods. Rigid structures render blurry, no one restricts our movement or behaviour. We can create becomings, togetherness, through our bodies that connect with other bodies, like a rhizome that has no beginning nor an end. Knowledge can be felt and shared, together with the forest.

Feel the forest, the lichen, the slime mold, the mushroom and the pine.

Participating artists


Anni Puolakka & Miša Skalskis

Anni Puolakka (born in Oulu, Finland) is based in Helsinki and Rotterdam and makes performances, videos, installations, drawings and texts in which situation-specific or documentary materials are incorporated into fictional worlds. The works play with the boundaries and potential of human animals as they seek meaningful and vibrant – sometimes drowsy or dirty – involvement with other beings, objects and surroundings. Her works have recently been shown at Bunkier Sztuki (Krakow), BOZAR (Brussels), Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki), Finnish National Theater (Helsinki) and Performance Space (Sydney). Puolakka received her MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. She teaches (most recently at the Theatre Academy and Aalto University in Helsinki) and co-organizes sex-positive, feminist festival Wonderlust.

Miša Skalskis is based in Vilnius and Rotterdam. His work ranges from sound pieces to video work and publications. Skalskis' latest work explores an autobiographical mode of narration, haunting caprices of memory and nostalgia, and their relationship with fiction. He has a BA in Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague and is currently graduating from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Skalskis’ work has been presented in Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius), Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (Vilnius), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) and Sorbus gallery (Helsinki).

Malin Arnell & Mario Fjell

When Malin Arnell and Mario Fjell come together they become an interdisciplinary art worker, collaborator, researcher, educator and musician. Since 2017 they have shared breaths through Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Treignac, Skomvaer and Bolzano.

They explicitly do affectivity within a queer eco-erotic ethics of polymorphous perversity and care making. They explore key issues for participation in territorial environments by emphasizing the sticky shivers of (self-)touching through vibrating togetherness. Masturbatory cooperation, and a dis-location of those frictions, opens up for an unending dynamism of entanglements aka. everything in the name of all things queer.

With the support of Konstnärsnämnden and Saari Residency in Finland they are now working towards establishing sustainable collaborative long-term queer engagements under the name “In Each Other’s Company”.

Erik Thörnqvist

Erik Thörnqvist (born 1994, Umeå, Sweden) living between Stockholm/Luleå. He works with different fictional, historic, collective and personal references to explore affective conditions, labour and how queer bodies define space. His work has been included in various exhibitions including 'Island Life' Stockholm mediated by Susan Philipsz, KOMASK Master Salon, Antwerpen, OPEN OUT Tromsö Norway, Cityscapes at CICA Museum in Seoul, Ingen Äger Tiden, group show at Örebro Läns Museum curated by Daniel Urey, Loungen at Konstnärshuset Stockholm and Epicentrum of Everything at Galleri Syster.

Jonna Mayer

With a background in graphic design, Jonna Mayer uses storytelling, research and sound to create artefacts posing questions about the past, present and future. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction her pieces often play with the idea of authenticity, nature, technology and the spirit.

Essi Vesala

Essi Vesala is a curator and producer based in Stockholm & Helsinki. Currently Vesala is researching entanglements between ecology and curating, through new materialisms and post-fossil thinking. She is inspired by queer feminist utopias.